Land Crashers - The Game

Welcome to Greenhill Grange! Farmer Henry Harvest needs your help like never before. Terrible creatures have invaded Henry's farm and are stealing his gold.

Protect the farm and save Henry's gold from greedy aliens, hungry zombies, bloody vampires, savage werewolves, green ogres and red hot dragons.

So what are you waiting for? Join the fight!


Land Crashers - Features

Hilarious enemies!
A lot of different weapons and traps!
Get a dog and build turrets for better protection!
Upgrade the force fields of buildings to maximise your defence!
Play dozens of mini games for fun and profit!


About Us

Kolibri Studios Oy [Ltd] is a super nice game studio from Hyvinkää, Finland. The small independent company was founded in 2014 to develop and produce high-quality game applications.

Our latest game, Land Crashers, is a 100% indie game that was developed for 2 years. The game was created by a very small team and it has been a major project for us.
So we hope you like it!

Open jobs: No vacancies.

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