Land Crashers [late 2017]

This is another farm game, but you've never experienced it like this.

Forget the peaceful moments when you grow potatoes, carrots or cabbages. Don't try to relax by feeding pigs or by collecting eggs from the hen house. Tonight you don't have this possibility. Tonight is Friday the 13th and the moon is full. Tonight’s the night!

You will get crashers such as hungry zombies, angry aliens, vampires, goblins, giants and lots of other strangers. Can you defend your farm? Can you keep the last stand? Stay with us until the release of the game and you will get the answers!

Tiny Vikings [2016]

Meet the brave tiny Vikings!

The Vikings are at war against the evil Wizard and his minions - those who are trying to destroy the sacred runestone. Help the Vikings to protect the sacred runestone and don't let the evil win. Otherwise, the North will vanish and the evil Wizard will be the master of the world.

You have five brave Vikings and just one arrow to use. Lead them through the battle towards the victory!

Gravity Super Bubble [2015]

Just tap, tap and find out tapping skills inside you!

Gravity Super Bubble is a simple tapping game where the main character lives in a soap bubble. You have to collect as many stones as you can, at the same time avoiding a swinging saw. You can change the soap bubble gravity by tapping the screen. Sounds easy? Well, then try it!

Monsters Panic [2015]

Don't panic. Be cool!

There is panic in the monsters castle, as funny monsters have noticed a dragon in the sky! The big monster has to jump over the small ones, but be careful! Don't push them down from the bridge.

Monsters Panic is a simple reaction time and skill game, where you try to protect two monsters at the same time. Thanks to the addictive gameplay, great graphics and amazing sounds, you'll be hooked!

LOOP [2015]

LOOP is a nightmarish running game where the Crybaby, suffering from bad dreams, ventures through the labyrinth of the dream world. The nightmare spreads through different worlds and levels, with the Boogeyman breathing down the Crybaby's neck.

Be careful! The road is a real maze and full of traps. Help the Crybaby get through this nightmare, back to good dreams. It won't be easy. Good luck in this never-ending loop!


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